Sour Cream Apple Walnut

This Little Pie Company best seller is made with hand sliced Granny Smith Apples and fresh sour cream. This incredibly rich taste is topped with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnut streusel.
Scaw-10 inch
Sour Cream Apple Walnut
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My first Apple Sour Cream Walnut pie was purchased before Little Pie Company was Little Pie Company. My wife, then girlfriend, picked it up at Applause Restaurant. I believe it was either cooked in their ovens or upstairs in "The Master Chef's" apartment. Either way prior to this pie I did not care for apple pie. This is without question the best apple pie ever. Five stars are not enough. When you factor in the success story and the quality of customer service and product the experience is the ultimate. I spread the word and the joy of this pie to one and all. Howard Renensland - Well over 100 pies bought!

Without a doubt Little Pie Company Sour Cream Apple Pie is the best pie in the world. 5 stars aren't enough, 4 million might be. The apples are perfectly crunchy and their taste melds together perfectly with the sourcreamy filling. Add in the phenomenal brown sugar walnut strudel topping all inside the best pie crust one could imagine and you pretty much have pie heaven! Really, there are no words to describe the amazingness of this pie. All my friends never think the pie can be as good as I say it is, but they all come back with rave reviews!

The best part about seeing a Broadway show is when we pick up the Sour Cream Apple Walnut pie from the Little Pie Company before we head home on the train. We are going to see another show in June and can't wait to get a pie for desert for Sunday dinner...YUMMMMMMY

I actually travel in by train from CT to buy these pies and stock my freezer with them. I consider myself a very fine baker, but am well aware of when to put down the paring knife and get on the darn train. I know what you're thinking, but it's actually cheaper to do it this way, and I get a day in the city as a bonus.

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