About Us

Apple pie

Word of mouth travels fast in New York City so it didn’t take long after the Little Pie Company opened its doors in 1985 for people to know that we were cooking up something good at our modest storefront on 43rd Street.

Housed in the vibrant theater district in the Manhattan Plaza complex where many performing artists live, the Little Pie Company creates its star desserts in " a theater of baking". From the sidewalk, passersby can peer through large picture windows to see cooks in sparkling white caps and aprons baking pies, cakes and cookies --- peeling, slicing and arranging the fruit, pouring the fillings into crusts, placing the desserts into large steel ovens. Nearby rows and rows of pies with swollen golden brown crusts sit cooling on racks until they are snatched up to be taken home or consumed on the spot at the inside counter or at one of the outdoor tables, accompanied with a cup of coffee or a frothy cappuccino.

The windows themselves are often decorated to celebrate seasonal holidays, reflecting a place with the friendliness of a neighborhood joint and the simple sophistication of a four-star patisserie. Berry pies in summer, pumpkin in fall, warm pecan in winter and strawberry rhubarb in spring, a variety of flavors to fit every mood, every month of the calendar.

Remember a time when a home-made dessert equaled happiness? At the Little Pie company, it still does.