Mississippi Mud Pie

This triple chocolate treat is made with imported chocolate, brownie streusel and a chocolate glaze in a chocolate cookie crust. Best served with whipped cream.
Mud-10 inch
Mississippi Mud Pie
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Wow! This Mud pie has great depth within chocolate flavors. This was a fantastic pie, a wonderful job on delivery, too. The pie was so fresh! Thank you.

AWESOME! It is lighter than I expected. A+, thank you!

Thinking of this particular pie makes me miss New York so much. So rich and chocolatey, not too sweet. Perfection. Please open a store in Sydney, Australia.

Seriously.. This pie was Super Duper Delicious... It was so Rich, and Thick and Chocolatly.. I have had this cake at several different places and I will tell you...There seriously is nothing out there Better. !!YUMMMMMMMMMMM

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