Simplify & Streamline the gifting process.

It’s the time of year when we sharpen our focus on corporate orders for the upcoming holiday season. We’d like to tell you about Little Pie Company’s Concierge Corporate Gifting Program, and invite you to work with us to promote, process, and service your corporate orders.

We teamed up with FoodyDirect to offer our customers a simple order entry and processing system combined with a 5-Star service that streamlines and simplifies the gifting process for both gifters and purveyors.

Over the past couple of years they have successfully executed gifting programs for recipient lists ranging from from 10 to over 500 recipients, which has enabled many business to impress their clients and customers.

Our Concierge Corporate Gift Service includes:

  • An Upload Tool that –
    • takes a gift recipient list in an excel spreadsheet, identifies “bad” shipping addresses, and generates a quote that includes product and shipping costs
    • can arrange for a single delivery date for all packages, regardless of shipping method
    • generates custom packing slip gift messages for each recipient
  • “White Glove” gift communications that –
    • sends recipients a gift notice email when the order is placed (including who gift is from, shipping address, and delivery date, but not the specific gift item).
    • sends recipients a ship notice with tracking number when their gift order has been shipped, and a delivery notice when delivered (with prep & care instructions attached).
    • reduces “broken orders” by showing recipients the shipping address and delivery date before their package ships, allowing them to contact Customer Service to correct if necessary.
  • A Concierge Customer Service Team that tracks shipping, delivery, and any exceptions; provides reporting to the corporate customer; and corrects, re-directs, or re-ships any “broken orders”.

Our platform, technology, and Customer Service Team are all built around providing the finest corporate gifting experience for both the corporate customer and their gift recipients. Our White Glove communications are unmatched in the perishable food shipping sector and have a proven track record of preventing “broken orders” and responding to recipient changes of address and delivery date (we developed and used this system for the 2015 holiday season, successfully handling several thousand corporate gift shipments).

We invite you to take full advantage of our Concierge Corporate Gifting Program to market your brand and food gifts to corporate customers, simplify your corporate ordering process, enhance the customer and recipient experience, and off-load the order servicing tasks.

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